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Castel Pergine
The Fashion of a Medieval Fortress

Castel Pergine stands proudly atop the Tegazzo-hill surrounded by mountains. A former Roman settlement, the fort was considered – not without good reason – as the gateway to Valsugana. In the 13th century, the castle was expanded and turned into a Medieval fortress. For a long time it was owned by the Princes of Tyrol, under the rule of Margarete Maultasch and then of Emperor Maximilian I.

E. T. Compton,
Il Castello di Pergine

E. T. Compton,
Il Castello di Pergine

It appears – although nobody has been able to prove this so far – that the famous German painter Albrecht Dürer was hosted by the Emperor at Castle Pergine during one of his journeys to Venice and Trentino.
In 1531, the castle ownership passed to the Prince Bishops of Trento. Around 1900 it was sold to a German company, which embarked.
Upon some rash renovation work. Since then, the castle has been used as a hotel.
In 1956 it was bought by Mario Oss, a Swiss man with his origins in Pergine. He wanted to preserve the castle for future generations to enjoy, while keeping it open for residents, hotel guests and visitors.
The castle was purchased by CastelPergine Foundation Onlus on 29 November 2018, thus becoming the first collectively-owned historic estate in Italy.

In the castle the Foundation organizes an art exhibition every year, as well as cultural events, including music and theatre.

Did you already know that…?

Jiddu Krishnamurti

Jiddu Krishnamurti a young man of Indian origin, stayed in Castel Pergine in the 1930’s as a guest of the American Theosophist Annie Halderman. Later he should become the great stateless philosopher.

Angelo Oss Emer

from 1920 until 1938 he worked as keeper of Castel Pergine. He used to carry foodstuff up and down the hill, from Pergine to the castle with his mule, Linda.